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We're a public PVE Ark server, who's mission is to provide a welcoming and inclusive environment for all those that play. Join our Discord!

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Our server is located in New York. 5x Taming and Resource Gathering. Longer days and shorter nights (Day 1.5 | Nights 0.5). Minimal Mods: Super Spyglass, Stacks, Classic Flyers, Castles Keeps Forts Medieval Architecture, Structures/Platforms Plus, and Pimp my Dino

Please be respectful to everyone, use your common sense. Repeat offenders will be banned, ignorance is not an excuse!
We have a Discord server, feel free to join and chat with us! Discord is free and accessible on a browser. Click on the Discord Logo for an Invite.
Running a server is costly, supporting us through continued patronage ensures we'll be around! Patrons get exclusive access when the server is full

I once tamed over 200 dinos, hit the tame cap and spammed pens all over the server.

Banned For Life