A Humble Community

We're a small community of mature individuals that welcomes those who wish to relax and have fun. Currently we're playing Minecraft FTB Beyond. The server is Whitelisted and has a minimum age of 18.

Join us!

What we're looking for

Being an 18+ whitelisted server, we have few rules beyond using common sense. We want everyone to act fairly and kindly. When applying make sure you include your full Discord Username which includes your user number eg. USERNAME#1234

Please be respectful to everyone, use your common sense when building potentially laggy machine setups.
We have a Discord server, feel free to join and chat with us! Discord is free and accessible on a browser. Click on the Discord Logo for an Invite.
Our application is a short, you can fill it out in under 5 minutes. However, the more detailed your answer the better! Click the book and quill to apply.

I once built an AE autocrafter that made 64k storage cells every tick for my chaos dragon Woot farm, and crashed the server.

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